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Karndean Design Flooring 

By offering a wide variety of colours, textures and finishes, you can create a look unique to your home. What's more, it's easy to maintain, durable and guaranteed to last for years 

Carpetrite has a fully qualified Karndean trained team here to help you find the perfect Karndean Flooring for your space, your needs and your style, just visit our Greenock Karndean Design Flooring Showroom.


Karndean Design flooring offers natural wood inspired designs without the practical drawbacks of real wood. Choose from a wide range of soft light, mid and dark wood 

Light Wood Tones

Bring a fresh, spacious feel to a dark or small room by selecting a light tone wood effect floor. Choose from a variety of pale wood effects for the perfect blank canvas for creating your own style.

Mid Wood Tones

Mid toned wood effects work well in many rooms within your home. The versatile natural tones work well with neutral or bright finishes to create a variety of looks to your space, 

Dark Wood Tones

Create a bold statement to a living space by selecting from the saturated tones of our dark wood floor effects. Why not try contrasting with cool white or bright furnishings for a popular contemporary look to your room

Karndean | STONE TILES

From rich terracotta tiles to intricate limestone, natural stone surfaces can add instant appeal wherever they're used. But what puts many people off using stone in their homes is how it feels underfoot. With our wide range of Karndean Design flooring stone tiles, you can now have all the appeal of natural stone with a warmer, more tactile surface 

Light Stone Tiles

Bring a fresh, spacious feel to a dark or small room by selecting a light tone stone floor allowing you the versatility of coordinating with many colours within your furnishings

Mid Stone Tiles

Mid toned stone floor tiles work well in many rooms within your home, especially in kitchens, bathrooms and utility spaces. 

Dark Stone Tiles

Enjoy all the beauty and appeal of natural stone, limestone, marble and slate without the practical drawbacks of stone flooring. 


Looking for something a bit more unique? Something with rich texture to match its appearance? Look no further than our contemporary range of Italian mosaic, Spanish pebble and modern metallic floor tiles.

Metal Flooring

If you are after a contemporary look for your home, why not try a metallic effect floor tile? Choose from a range of styles and effects each metal effect floor tile has a complementary selection of design strips and borders 

Mosaic Flooring

Karndean's mosaic floors accurately reflect the best in classical Italian mosaic floors, perfect for bathrooms or conservatories

Pebble Flooring

For a floor with a difference, Karndean has some striking tactile floor tiles inspired by Spanish pebble designs.

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